Friday, February 20, 2009


they say that India is officially a casteless system. unofficially though...

after speding time here, scratching the surface of Indian culture, i believe it exsists. it exsists within us. officially/unofficially it doesn't matter. i can only speak for myself but i believe this to be true. i am a VAISHNAV(trader/craftsman), a KSHATRIYA (warrior), at times a BRAHMIN (holy man) and a SHUDRA (Untouchable). sometimes i can be all of these in an hour. if i'm lucky, a week. the holiest can be untouchable and the untouchables i know, can be as saintly and beatific as DEEPAK CHOPRA on an episode of OPRAH.

welcome to DELHI.

all of my experiences en masse couldn't have prepared me for country. the magnitude of hues, the volume of smells (from rancid to pungent, savory to downright aromatic). all of it. the foooooodddd. the food is a culmination, an amalgamation of all the complexities of a culture with this many years under it's belt. (i sound like a food critic) you can taste it. all of it in one bite.

i had dinner last night in Connaught Place. a very nice restaurant called VEDA. i'm not sure what i ordered but i may as well have asked for a poker to be brought from the fire and placed on my tounge. literally i was about to pass out. laying there, mouth full of water, gurgling, i saw a Indian man sitting next to me who had ordered the same dish. he looked at me. took a bite. chewed.... chewed... swallowed... beat... beat.... hand to brow to wipe the sweat. other hand to bro to wipe the sweat. he leaned back in his chair. looked at me and winked.

but after the fire dwindled there it was..... i've never tasted food better.

there's so much to tell really. so much.

had an amazing day today. went to a Bahai temple. never been to one before. the Bahai's and me have a lot in common. they believe in the commonalties of all religions. the universal truths. i was beside myself in that sacred chapel. a chapel in the shape of a lotus bud. i found myself an hour later barefoot and hooded in a sikh temple. my rickshaw driver was Sikh. he needed to stop by his temple. i went with him.
still smiling.

i met a woman my first day here. i asked her what she thought INDIA'S greatest strength to be. she said population. i asked her it's weakness. she said population. then she humbly offered... " what India has to offer... what INDIA has to give.... if it doesn't loose it way, is non-violence"

i'm here. i'm safe and i'm happy. i hope you are all the same.

love to you.


  1. Walton:

    I am blown away by these pictures, blown away! And you have only been there a few days... I can't wait to see more. Your friend - Bunk

  2. thank you friend...opportunities abound. prosaic and INDIA can't exsist in the same sentence. had a nice conversation with an INDIAN fella about field hockey two days ago. told him about your doc. remind me to tell you a funny story. quite embarrasing really.

  3. I love all the photos. Incredible color. You have such a great eye for people and they really open up to you on film (which isn't a surprise since you have that way with people in conversation)...BUT my favorite photo is the one you took of yourself. I can really see how you feel being there - peaceful and journeying.
    I know you must be on the train to your next stop. I can't wait to see the next installment.

  4. Also the photo of the boys in green is such a great companion photo to the kids you photographed in Morocco!

  5. walton..... wow!!!!! i want to come.... what great descriptions!!! please keep them coming... and thank you for including me to the list...
    your brother,
    p.s. please take some note for sarah and i...

  6. Walton,

    How great man.. Just awesome..

    Seeing this soul trip throught your camera and ur writing makes me pause for a moment and take note of the wonderful other in the world.

    Thanks for sharing man.


  7. What, Up? These pics are amazing. I hope this trip will be an inpiring spiritual journey for you. I cannot wait to hear all about it. I'm grateful that you are safe. Keep me updated. I love you - your little Sista.....

  8. I think I first heard of the Bahai faith as a fan of the pop group England Dan and John Ford Coley who rose to fame with the beautiful song "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" and the teachings have always intrigued me.

    I'm inspired, amazed and so very caught up in the views you are sharing here, or have been. Please don't stop, Walton!

    It's Easter morning here in Georgia (3:08 am) and since my old pal insomnia has come to visit me once again, we collectively decided to return to your online blog. ;) I love the insights, musings and photos.

  9. Keep being open. I am enjoying your photos and your storytelling. Some of your photos are so desolate, and some so vibrant. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi Walton, You are so talented! I am a huge fan of your talent as an actor and I was surprise with your photography as well.You have a great eye! I am a photographer as well! I am from Russia , but I live in Wilmington NC, was so excited to learn that you are part of the TV show "Six" !!! I wish I can see your work! Thanks again! Great job!!!