Friday, February 27, 2009

The Ganges

sordid and sacred, longing to be naked,

arms extended to a river whose

depths are not measured in fathoms

or feet.

but the meat on the outside and

the inside of hands clasped

together above the surface.

with pining hopes and despairs,

the amorphous yearnings of our bodies, minds and spirits

hurdle themselves from the ghats.

unimpacted by the coolness they descend,

dictated by the current and their

will to be still.

to lie prostrate on the bottom.

nestled behind the corpses and the ashe, the tears of their

fathers, sisters, brothers,

daughters mothers... humanity.


cleansed and released from the

burden of repetition.


  1. Is your email down? Have you been getting my emails of the last 4 days? I haven't heard from you. Concerned.

  2. I was in India/Nepal 65-66, a few years before you were born. I wrote about it in a book called INDIAN ACTION; AN AMERICAN JOURNEY TO THE GREAT FAIR OF THE EAST. The great fair was the Kumbha Mela at Allahabad, first one in 12 years, so a biggie, esp since at the one in 55, thousands were crushed to death when the naga sadhus freaked. I also have been writing a column on books, art, movies, jazz,rocknroll, and the golden age of TV series, which somehow coincides (go figure) with the Bush years. I mention Justified in the column I. doing for the 12/25 issue of Town Topics, a weekly in Princeton NJ. My wife and I got into Justified by way of Tim O (Deadwood being maybe the best show ever) and stayed with in great part because of Boyd and the Leonesque relationship (think Tuco and Blondie in tthe G,the B, and the Ugly. But you get so out there in Justified, esp that sermon whereyou dance out the last part, it makes sense that you've got you head in India. Thanks to Boyd, we started watching The Shield.
    Stuart Mitchner 12/21/13