Tuesday, March 17, 2009


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these are a few. but there are none really. words i mean. grand statements i'm going to stay away from...there are some things, as previously mentioned, that a person should keep to themselves. i'd like to think that my journey has been watering a seed planted a long time ago.

i will however give a parting story.... i did an interview for emmy magazine while i was here. the irony will not be lost on those that know me best. they're doing an article entitled "PEOPLE TO WATCH" for an upcoming emmy nomination this july. they've picked 5 men and 5 women to center this story on. i was one of the 5 (men that is).

the interviewer asked me how getting nominated for an emmy might change my life. i was very tired at the time, not thinking clearly. i don't really remember what my answer was. thinking about that question in the days that followed, my truthful answer became very clear...

"before i wouldn't have been nominated for an emmy, afterwards i would be nominated for an emmy."

now, asking myself the same question about India, about the last 5 weeks of my life, my answer is the same...

"before i hadn't come to INDIA, now i've come to INDIA."

i can't wait to sit and listen to the various happenings in your respective lives. i trust that you are well.

see you soon.



  1. WG,

    Your photography is beautiful. Really stunning visuals, and some wonderful subjects.

    I hope you're well. I've a lot of respect for your work. Both your acting, and now your photography. I'll be sure to check in every so often to see your new posts. A very lovely little find.

    I hope you don't mind my commenting on your acting work also. I was extremely impressed by your work on The Shield. Not having seen your work beforehand, I was very captivated throughout. You did a fantastic job. I'm sad to see the series at an end, but the prospects that lie ahead for you mate, are endless.

    You've really proved yourself, and as an actor and writer myself, I can assure you that you've made my list of persons whom I look up to. A great standard to aim for in my future career.

    Keep snapping. Wishing you the best,


  2. Your photos are amazing, I hope you return to this blog when you make another trip. I've spent the last few weeks watching The Shield when I should have been studying for my exams. Oh well, I'll probably just wing it. Anyway, you are an incredible actor.

    To bring it back to your photos, they make me want to actually travel outside Europe which I've never done (but hey, only twenty and just moved to England from Sweden, so to travel the world ain't too far away, haha). I'm really inspired by your photographs as I'm into photography as well and it's to read travel stories which actually say something about the country itself.

    Wishing you the best,


  3. Hey old friend. Nice blog. Great Pictures. Didn't know you had this side of you. Very nice.

  4. WG,

    You've inspired me to travel to India.

    Here's hoping, all being well - that I'll be trekking out there this coming Summer. Thanks for the photos. (Again)



    1. Hey, did you travel to india?

      An Indian

  5. Hey man, this was all amazing stuff. Probably the most surprising discovery I’ve made this year.
    Sounds like you’d really like Nepal too. I was there recently, check it out: http://idoneaholiday.blogspot.com/

  6. Beautiful blog!I miss you Walt..

  7. I hope one day to be able to travel as much as you do. The farthest I have gotten was driving to Alaska from Chicago. 6 day drive, but we didn't rush the trip.

    Keep up the picture, I can see where I'll be in a few years once I am done with college lol.

    Thank you :D

  8. Walton,

    Firstly, thank you so much for being kind enough to not only pose for a photo with me at the recent TV Week Logie Awards in Melbourne, Australia but to stop and sign the Crown Casino letter head paper (That I kinda took from my suite...LoL!). If you ever feel the need to sign up to facebook, said photo and many others have been posted.

    Secondly, you are so lucky to be able to travel around the world and take such stunning photo's of this wonderful planet. I think if I had the funds and was ever let loose overseas with my camera I'd probably need a 1 million GB memory card! LoL You have such a great eye for photography.

    And lastly, I cannot wait to checkout the 7th season of The Shield when it finally reaches our Aussie shores...whenever that might be?!? You made it sound like the best season yet. I must admit though that I was hugely dissapointed when ur character...well, blew-up my favourite character, Curtis 'Lemonhead' Lemansky. But It made for a thrilling twist in the lives of the Strike Team, not like they haven't had enough of them!

    Anyway, I hope this letter find you and ur family in good health and that you make it back to America safely.

    Ur biggest Aussie fan,

    Allison Marshall


  9. You are quite a stellar entity with your success on camera and behind it. Simply amazing and will enjoy seeing the world thru your eyes.

  10. Wow...they are all amazing, but I have to say that the first one is my favourite.

    I don't know...I find it really poetic...like, "ahead" is an expedition...and ahead there are mountains to climb...i don't know, i can't get my eyes off this one, truly beautiful.

  11. Amazing, I respect you for these pictures and writings far more than any acting work youve done, which is fantasic by the way.

  12. i could steep in these images all day (and i just might). the quietness of the stones and the sporadic flashes of color, beautiful stuff.

  13. Do they meditate on the stones? Did you as well or was it too intrusive? I get the impression that they are very inclusive. I hope you did meditate on the stones. Very happy to find this blog. Thank you.

  14. How beautiful is your soul. Anger has no eyes.

  15. Great photos but you type like e.e.cummings

  16. In the first couple pictures you can't see their faces. There is a whole world of knowledge about life love that we(as the viewer) can never know. Are they lost? or have their just been found? I love these photos cause it makes me think and makes me feel the mystery of whatever is out there. But why did you purposly choose to face the camera when you were i n the same spot?

  17. how I ended up here is still perplexing me, maybe it was the smile but from when I started watching Justified, you, immediately, were my favorite actor. I knew I had seen you in other stuff but had to google it. So, somehow I ended up (albeit a bit late) finding this blog and these pics and making a crazy account just to tell you I think you are pretty cool!

  18. Hi there,

    That's very nice work you did there.I'm just back from India myself and it's kinda hard to be back here where I live (in France). You know, India, well...that's pretty much like you said. there's not much to say, there's a lot to see and to live.

    If you read this comment, can you tell me by any chance if you have a Flikr account ?

    Sorry for my bad english, as I said, I'm french, and yes, that's une excuse !

    Hope your well, really do.


  19. Before reading these words about India and looking these pictures, I knew not too many things about India; now I know somthing about India.
    A few weeks ago, I analyzed the opportunity of a job in India. Now, after reading the documentary behind the words transcribed by the eye of a photographer/traveler such this blog's author, I think it could be a good challenge to accept that job. The details makes our lives. It's a nice challenge to see the details with my own eyes.
    Good luck.

  20. I recently began watching JUSTIFIED and by the end of season 1 was so blown away by your performance I had to look you up on wikipedia to see if you had ever been nominated for an EMMY for the role -- discovering this blog in the process.
    Your photographs are stunning. And the passages transcribing your journey...transcendent. Just beautiful. All of it, and all of you.

  21. Amazing..... These photos are stunning and your stories are captivating. Living life as a normal girl in a small town you forget there is a world outside your window. Not only that but its beautiful with the right perspective. Thank you for showing us your perspective. And keep smiling that amazing smile :)
    Take care

  22. Our son is a 21 year old actor in LA. We are an artist family. We have encouraged him to find some other artistic outlet to even life out out there in crazy LA. Your work is beautiful. It is great you have found your "loves". We enjoy your performances emmensely.

  23. Cool pictures... I love the "people" post because no matter how pretty a place is I always think the people are the most fascinating thing. They're sort of the same but different no matter where they're from if that makes sense? Being from Belfast I find everyone assumes certain things about my views on the world but I imagine they're fairly similar to that of the people you met on your travels.

    Don't know if it's you or someone you're travelling with but the guy with dark hair is a spitting image of the guy who plays Boyd in Justified.

  24. Thank you so much for taking the time to relay your experiences in both stories and photos..one and the same it seems since you have such a keen eye. I always have trouble sleeping so I poke around online..which usually never amounts to any sort of substance that carries with me through the next day...but you have inspired me a great deal as I'm positive is the case for anyone else who takes the time to read this blog.

    Take care and Thank you

  25. Keep up the awesome work cletus van damm. As a photographer, India is on my bucket list

  26. Very nice photos, especially of the woman with her back to you.

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  28. Boyd....Crowder, finally seeing you doing something other than getting into trouble ;)

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  32. Ah...
    This post is gorgeous... the words and the shots. India is a dream I intend to fulfill one day. Looks like you have not blogged in some time... but I will peek back now and then...
    Be well.